Rich in imagery and insight, “Portal Fuel” is both a taut adventure story and a metaphor for human aspiration. It asks intriguing questions, and will leave viewers wondering what potential path will lead to answers.  Beautifully shot in the Angeles Mountains by cinematographer Adam Severi, “Portal Fuel” takes the search for larger truths to new and mesmerizing levels in a film of startling originality.  Landry wrote, directed, edited and stars in the 7 minute short.





Shot under the radar with a skeleton crew in the People’s Republic of China, this dramatic thriller features Landry as a naïve American set up to take the fall for a failing Chinese business.  It also offers eye-opening looks at rarely-seen remote locations throughout China as Landry’s character goes on the run.  Produced and directed by Brendan Merrill, “Made in China” will be released in 2018.  Landry is also credited as a co-story creator and assistant editor on the film.





Written by heralded Japanese writer Shin’ichi Ichikawa and produced by NHK, the national network of Japan, “Madame Butterfly” aka “Cho-Cho-San” is a dramatic version of the famous opera set in 1890s Japan.  Its premiere was viewed by 13.4 million people.  The hugely popular Aoi Miyazaki stars as the geisha and Landry co-stars as the American Naval officer she falls for.  They marry and have a son, only for his ship to leave and him to later return with his American wife.





In this fast-paced heist film produced by the legendary Roger Corman, Ethan Landry stars alongside Oscar nominee Eric Roberts.  A group of low-level workers in a Las Vegas casino plot to take down the greedy casino owner (Roberts) after they discover his plan for massive layoffs.  “Stealing Las Vegas” was written and directed by Francisco Menéndez.







Based on Hubert Selby Jr.‘s short story “Liebesnacht,” this dark tale weaves two narratives pushing the limits of forgiveness of self and those we love most. Landry wrote, directed and plays a lead role in the film. “Since We Last Spoke” won the Cinematography Award at the 2008 University of Miami Canes Film Festival. View 19-minute short.