Ethan Landry’s professional career started when he played a heist-leader in the Roger Corman produced, “Stealing Las Vegas,” opposite Oscar nominee Eric Roberts. It then led him to national television in Japan, as the capricious Naval officer in a dramatic version of the “Madame Butterfly” opera, where he got to star opposite one of Japan’s biggest young stars— Aoi Miyazaki.

He returned to Asia to play the lead in the dramatic thriller “Made in China,” an independent film produced and directed by Brendan Merrill. Shot under the radar in the People’s Republic, “China” tells the tale of a naïve American set up to take the fall for a failing Chinese business, and features eye-opening looks at rarely-seen remote locations throughout China as Landry’s character goes on the run. Made in China will be released in 2018.

Landry has been an actor, a director, a screenwriter and an editor. In “Portal Fuel” he combines all those skills — and plays both parts for good measure. A 7 min short film, “Portal Fuel” is making the rounds on the festival circuit in 2018.

On stage, in Los Angeles, he’s acted in productions of “Crimes of the Heart” “Cabo San Lucas” and “The House of Yes.”

Born outside Philadelphia, a junior black belt in karate at 10 and a varsity basketball player in high school, he showed flashes of artistic interest, but mostly kept to athletics until college. He attended the University of Miami in Florida where he graduated Cum Laude.